Steven Vasquez

Steven entered the wonderful world of filmmaking at a later age than most. As a
corporate AT&T man he was asked to create a video for an in-house sales rally. He had
shown a horror short that his friend had created at a corporate halloween party and
they, naturally, assumed that he (Steven) knew the art of film and editing. He didn’t!
But he was a natural! He learned quickly and went on to create many videos for AT&T.
This lead to outside work, including the then popular Witchcraft series, and his first
semi-pro job as a DP with Troma. The Troma experience really shaped his future in
indie low-budget filmmaking. It was Troma’s first all-video production Tales From The
Crapper— starring scream queen Julie Strain, porn legend Ron Jeremy, and including a
cameo by South Park co-creator Trey Parker— that showed Steven what could be done
with very few dollars. This newfound knowledge would be central to his future solo work.
Steven had now caught the film “bug” and decided to leave the corporate world. (okay,
he was laid off!) He worked as a video editor and, finally, after about 10 years he
created his first short film Rose & Alexander, starring his long time collaborator Laura
Reilly (Triple Crossed). The film was a festival darling. It won best short film and best
director at the Huntington Beach International Film Festival shortly after its release. The
short later became part of the successful feature-length film Luna Park.
Steven’s first “gay” film was born when an actress he was working with asked if he could
meet with her brother. Her brother was a struggling filmmaker who was having trouble
getting his film off the ground. The filmmaker was James Townsend and the film was
Sideline Secrets. After a year and a half of hard work and next to no budget, the film
went on to become the 7th highest grossing gay film of that year, Brokeback Mountain
being the first.
After Sideline came A Siren in the Dark, co-directed by his muse Laura Reilly. This was
followed by Unsolved Suburbia, Vampire Boys 2, and Luna Park, all distributed by
Ariztical Entertainment.
The year was 2012 and Steven had the idea of hanging it up in pursuit of other
ventures. Enter a man from Orlando Florida who had other ideas for him and just like
that a partnership was born. The man was of course Ward Bodner and the partnership
was Babaloo Studios.
Babaloo’s first film was to be Angels With Tethered Wings but Steven couldn’t decide if
it was going to be a comedy, a zombie film or psychological drama? (in the end it
became all three.) With the pressure on to produce their first film Steven looked for
another property and hired first time director Sean Paul Lockhart to star and direct. The
film was Triple Crossed written by Linda Anderson and it proved to be a great choice for
their first film. During the filming of TC Steven wrote and directed Eroddity(s) and finally
Angels With Tethered Wings went into production.
Steven has four children and a proud grandfather of one.

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