Counselor Week at Camp Liberty- DIRECTOR’S CUT


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This film short was my first attempt to feature real sex with story. Instead of the current trend of reality based adult entertainment, which I’m a big fan of, I wanted to take my actors back to the 70’s adult era. Back then story and lots of acting, no matter how bad at times, were the norm. And the music was also just as important. I mean who can watch a porn today without hearing Bow chicka bow wow in the back of their head?
Whether I succeeded in my attempt is up to the beholder but this Director Cut version is the closest to what I had envisioned; A cross between storytelling, casual hook ups and off beat humor. And if you like your humor mixed with a mouth watering parade of naked twinks giving hand jobs, blow jobs and jerking off on each other then this is the film for you. This Director’s Cut version also allowed me to clean up some of the awkward moments found in the original; better sound, new music and some added nudity, as if it needed any, make this the only version I will call complete. And the only version I will show my friends. We hope you’ll enjoy this modern blast from the past. We welcome you to – Camp Liberty!

Message from Director Steven Vasquez

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