Enemies with Benefits


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If you’ve followed my writing about the films of Steven Vasquez, you know that he’s all about telling stories. Stories about beautiful young men, to be sure, but it’s always the story that comes first. There’s usually a little something supernatural, there are usually a couple of women in the cast, and there’s generally plenty of nudity.
But if it’s hard core sex that you want – and you know what I mean by that – you may have found the Vasquez films several drops short of a cumshot. You may recall the scene in “Angels With Tethered Wings” in which a sex scene is shot completely from the waist up. You may have wondered, where do all these gorgeous twinks go to relieve themselves when the director yells “Cut, print.”
Now we know. They all went to “Enemies With Benefits,” the latest release from Babaloo Studios. Vasquez has taken a batch of sex scenes from his previous films, laced them together with a story about a young man with a camera, and voila! A full hour of bed-pounding, moaning, groaning, squirting twink sex!
Greyson Lange, whom we first met as a dead body in “Angels,” is on full display here, along with several of his colleagues from other Vasquez films…. Chance Feandro, Edward Gutierrez, Desi Santana, and Marshall Thomas get top billing, along with Babaloo veteran Addison Graham – who, truth be told, keeps his pants on through the entire film.
The story, such as it is, involves a young man who starts shooting porn movies, possibly to keep an eye on his boyfriend. There’s a magical amulet involved, and a couple of supernatural beings. But as I suggested, you probably won’t want to concentrate on the story.
Like all Vasquez films, “Enemies With Benefits” is handsomely produced, with an excellent musical score. This is a professional film all the way. I was particularly fond of the animated breakers between scenes.
I think I’ve told you all you need to know. You’ll find “Enemies With Benefits” on the Babaloo website. Keep it clean!

Review of “Enemies With Benefits!” By Allen Street

Babaloo Studios seems to be a step ahead of other video companies that make films about the way gay men live today as you will see in their latest release, “Enemies with Benefits”. It is not only clothing optional but is filled with sex and lots of erect penises on young gay guys. I actually had to stop watching to catch my breath a few times. This is an adult comedy that does not have many laughs but sure has a lot to see - I often joke that this is the kind of movie to watch with a mop nearby. Steven Vasquez wrote the screenplay about Jamie (Chance Feandro), a nineteen-year-old guy who is looking for love but because he has been unable to find the right guy, he contemplates ending his life. But just as he makes his decision, he gets a visitor from the other world who shows him that life has meaning and that it is best to stay alive and deal with destiny rather than just disappear. However, we see that this advice might not be the best for someone who is floundering and a life of casual sex replaces a life of importance. With a full cast you young gay men who made for wonderful eye candy we get a look at gay life that we used to only be able to see in porno films. The cast includes Edward Guiterrez, Desi Santana, Steven Bright, Marshall Thomas, Grayson Lange and Addison Graham.
I understand that the film is made up of deleted footage and odds and ends from other films of director Vasquez. He smartly decided that we should all have a chance to see it and he built a story around it but I doubt that anyone watching this will be looking for a story when they can feast that eyes on penises doing all kinds of things and attached to all kinds of hot young guys who seem to have no problem with doing it all on camera.
This may be something new for others to follow - never throw away what is on the cutting room floor; you never know when you get piece together a film out of it. I am sure that took more work than shooting an entire new film. Speaking with Vasquez, he shared how this came to bit and I was amazed listening at all he had to especially with the shots that were filmed before digital when analog was the way to go. We also forget how quickly youngsters change from year to year so I must admire the technique used here even if this is not the kind of film that I usually watch.

Review by Amos Lassen