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Erodditys 2: Darker, Sexier By Allen Street

At last, Steven Vasquez and Babaloo Studios have delivered the second installment of their erotic “Twilight Zone”-style stories in the form of Erodditys 2. The three stories in the latest episode are darker, more menacing, and, yes, sexier than the first film. For people who like stories with their skin, like me, they are mesmerizing.
All three stories are showcases for the talents of Addison Graham. He’s the main character in all of them, and he gets darker and nastier as the plots thicken.
The first story, “The Audition,” finds Mr. Graham writing a letter declaring his undying love for – someone. “Even if a cute little Texas boy walked in the door right now, I would be faithful,” he says. Lo and behold, a cute little Texas boy (Grayson Lange) walks in the door. Several twists and turns later, he walks out. That’s about all I can tell you without spoiling the story.
The second story, “The Private War of Joseph Sargent,” finds Mr. Graham (completely unrecognizable under Ish Bermudez’s makeup) in a tent in an unnamed South American country, fighting for something or somebody, we’re never quite sure who. He and his fellow mercenary, Micha (Shaun Andrews) are captured by an evil warlord and tied together, wearing only underwear. As they await their fate, they describe their lives: Micha is married to Austin (Mr. Lange), a deaf young man full of mischief, back home in America. He enjoys watching Austin perform in bed with an equally-youthful TV pitchman, “Big Deal O’Neil” (Wes Tucker). For his part, Joseph is married to his wife back home. Although he has feelings for men, he married her because “it was the right thing to do.” “It was the safe thing to do,” counters Micha. A cheery terrorist named Ricardo (Robby Valls) enters the picture and cuts their ropes, freeing them to go back home…. Which is as far as I will take the plot to avoid spoiling it for viewers. The script, though, does raise serious issues that a lot of gay men must deal with: Should I marry a woman to make things look right? How do I deal with my gay feelings when I’m supposed to be straight? The answers in this story are disturbing.
In the final story of the trilogy, “The Caretaker of Cook County,” Mr. Graham reprises his role as Garrett Gerkin, the necrophiliac gay caretaker of a cemetery, first seen in “Angels With Tethered Wings.” He is in love with Dennis (Harper Stevenson), the gorgeous, and much younger, brother of the county sheriff. Events in their past have left both of them disfigured. Garrett occupies a, well, garret apartment next to a funeral home, and as it turns out, he provides the home with a lot of its customers, all of whom look really great naked. Cory Tyndall, producer and narrator of the whole series, plays the nerdy Jeffrey, who helps us viewers keep the story straight as it twists and turns to its inevitable end. Once again, an issue often faced by gay men is treated seriously in this story. This time it’s the issue of age; While Garrett worries that he’s too old for his young partner, Dennis says “I think 30 is a GOOD number.”
I should say that a lot of the actors in “Erodditys 2,” some of whom we’ve seen before, display some serious acting chops this time. Mr. Lange, who was briefly seen as a dead body in “Angels With Tethered Wings,” displays a lot more of his talent in these three stories. Mr. Graham, a veteran adult star, shows us his acting chops here – as well as, of course, his adult talents. Supporting players, male and female, are by and large convincing in their roles.
“Erodditys 2” is the most complete film yet produced in the Babaloo catalog (which also includes the first “Erodditys,” “Angels With Tethered Wings,” and “Triple Crossed”). It is handsomely photographed, nicely scored musically, and well-engineered in terms of sound quality. If you’ve become accustomed to hand-held herky-jerky camera work and off-mike audio in your adult-film selections, prepare to be spoiled. The sex scenes (you thought I wasn’t going to talk about that?) are not only lovely to look at, but they’re actually part of the plots of the stories.
I’ve said before that I can’t wait to see what Steven Vasquez comes up with next. Having now seen “Erodditys 2,” I’ll say the same thing: I love these stories and I hope they keep coming.

By Allen Street