Grayson Lange

Grayson Lange is a bundle of talent, energy and boyish good looks. Grayson is out of Austin Texas and a real go getter. Within 10 minutes of Director Steven Vasquez’s cold call on a modeling web site Grayson was on the phone making plans for his film debut. Just a few short weeks later he flew out to California to appear in “Angels With Tethered Wings” A few days after that he co starred in the opening short for “Eroddity’s 2” written just for him. Soon after he was brought back after being written in the other E2 stories. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also signed with Helix Studios and has become one of their most popular rising stars. Grayson loves meeting new people, listening to music and going to the rodeo. We are looking forward to many more productions with him. Grayson also appears in "Enemies with Benefits".