Other Films and Shorts

Peter is a young behavioral scientist in search of a missing teenager. The clue to his whereabouts may be hidden in hours of classified video tapes. These tapes contain young men forced to strip naked and perform sexual acts and were once the property of a deviant psychiatrist who used them as blackmail. Peter has a dark side of his own and soon finds himself using the Doctors methods to obtain what he most desires. His straight roommate Todd.

In “The Way To A Mans Heart” an abused lover gets his revenge… from beyond the grave. BRANDON RIFE, ADDISON GRAHAM and ALDERIC VITALE star in this sinister and sexy tale that inspired the feature film “Angels With Tethered Wings”. Originally part of the ErOddity(s) Series.

in an “Unsolved Christmas” A Christmas present, in the hands of a young voyeur, leads to a holiday tale of woe. EDWARD GUTIERREZ and ALEKSANDR DISSAN star in this twisted Christmas tale about a boy, a camera, and a broken golden rule. Originally part of the ErOddity(s) Series.

in “A Mind Of Their Own” A horny young teen stumbles upon a magical tape recorder that allows you to create your very own perfect mate. BRANDON RIFE and ADDISON GRAHAM star in this sexy story that proves some things should remain in the closet. “A Mind of Their Own” packs a feature lengths worth of nudity and sexuality into one enticing short. Originally part of the ErOddity(s) Series.