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Deadly Screams of a Naked Siren from Babaloo Studios on Vimeo.

Revisiting his second feature film ” A Siren in the DarK” Director Steven Vasquez has re edited the analog master, enhanced and upgraded it to HD. Gone are the confusing side shows, as Steven liked to called them, that got in the way of the “main event” Along with a new soundtrack, storyline and new eye candy aplenty, he has completely transformed his original film. We are introduced to Christian (Tristan Adler) a college news reporter who sets out to interview Epiphany (Kory Anders) the niece of the ony living person to escape a gender changing siren. The deadly Siren (Orion Cross) is responsible for the rape and murders of two young men Kevin McKendrick (James Townsend) and his abusive lover Danny Pennington (Todd Williams). Even though these events happened 11 years ago Christian wants to know all the deviant sexual details of the event. The mysterious and siren like Epiphany grows skeptical and worries about the reporters motives. Why is he so interested in the whereabouts of her uncle? When it’s learned that if someone should escape a siren the siren will die, the motives of both Epiphany and Christian become clear…. Or do they?
At the conclusion of the film Steven offers plenty of deleted scenes from both the original and redux along with never before seen “sexy” scene footage. Raw and unedited! Fans of the original film will not be disappointed. New viewers are in for a mind bending treat!

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A straight wrestling coach finds himself smitten with one of his gay students. A student whose life may soon be in danger. Meanwhile a deranged cemetery worker is infatuated with someone of his own. Someone he can never have….alive! Their stories become entangled in this featurization of the short film “The Caretaker Of Cook County” Adult film sensation Grayson Lange stars with newcomer Daniel Jensen, in his first gay erotic scenes, on or off camera! Also starring Babaloo favorite Addison Graham and Harper Stevenson. This Mystery/Horror film is Written and Directed by Steven Vasquez. (Click Here to buy the DVD or Blu-ray)

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It’s COUNSELOR WEEK AT CAMP LIBERTY, and these boys take camp to a whole new level. When new counselor Andrew (Brandon Rife) meets leader Jack (Gregory Michaels) during orientation, Andrew finds he has more than campfires and weenie roasts on his mind. His attempt to gain Jack’s affection fails, so he devises a plan that threatens not only a would-be summer fling, but Jack himself! This over-the-top 38-minute sex comedy – that’s full of tempting twinks – also features Addison Graham as Camp Liberty’s owner.

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Peter is a young behavioral scientist in search of a missing
teenager. The clue to his whereabouts may be hidden in hours
of classified video tapes. These tapes contain young men forced to
strip naked and perform sexual acts and were once the property of a deviant
psychiatrist who used them as blackmail. Peter has a dark side of his own
and soon finds himself using the Doctors methods to obtain what he most desires.
His straight roommate Todd.

The Twilight Zone meets gay erotic cinema in this sexually charge anthology feature from the Producers of TRIPLE CROSSED. In FOREVER MINE, a confused boy seeks a relationship that will last forever. In A MIND OF THEIR OWN, a teen’s long forgotten past leads to his short lived future. An 18 year old voyeur’s disregard of a childhood rule leads to a Christmas tale of woe in an UNSOLVED CHRISTMAS. Finally, an abused lover seeks revenge from beyond the grave with the help of his straight friend. But first he must learn THE WAY TO A MANS HEART. Casts include: Addison Graham, Cory Tyndall and Brandon Rife.

The Anthology continues as two soldiers are on a secret mission in the South American jungle. Once captured, sexual tensions reign in “The Private War of Joseph Sargent” Next, a Texas teen and wanna be actor knocks ’em dead at “The Audition”. And finally, In “The Caretaker of Cook County” a cemetery worker hides disfigurement under the cloak of a sinister hood of perversion. Starring Addison Graham and Grayson Lange.

ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS: 19 year old Jamie just wants someone to love. With no one to call his own, he decides to put an end to it all. That is until a visitor from beyond shows Jamie that his life has meaning and that he needs to stay alive and fulfill his destiny. But the visitor’s motives may not be all for the good in this over-the-top throwback to casual sex, clothes-optional adult comedy!

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Angels with Tethered Wings is an unusual, quirky and erotic three-part drama – a back-from-the-grave revenge flick about hope and forgiveness! The film follows what happens when a good man does a bad thing for a good reason. He tries to right a wrong by freeing two young lovers but instead forever entraps them to their mortal coils. In the end their collective love for each other will give an almost perfect stranger the wings to fly. With: Cory Tyndall, Brandon Rife, Addison Graham and a large supporting cast.

The boy action is non-stop in this one of a kind film noir thriller that proves that even in death there can be a “happy ending!”

In fact this 25 minute short film is crammed with no less then 3 of them as we follow an unstable teenager on his deadly quest for revenge of a broken “Blind Date”

Then stay tuned for the raw and un-edited-behind the scenes sex with gay porn stars Addison Graham and Taylor Reign. Newcomer Jimmy Fame plays the unstable teen who works up his own “happy ending” solo!

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Directed by Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan)
With a tour in Afghanistan behind him, war-torn Chris Jensen (introducing Jack Brockett) struggles to assimilate back to life in California. Drifting and living out of his car, he soon discovers that few are willing to deal with the remnants of a damaged career military man. Chris is self medicating; desperate to silence the echoes from the front lines. When an opportunity finally presents itself, he makes the hard decision to employ his most coveted talents honed in special ops. A job is a job and Chris knows civilian life can be just as cut-throat as time on active duty. But just how close does he have to get to Andrew Warner (Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan) to secure the kill?